PRODUCTION NEWS 2020!!! This year, which is also seeing us facing the COVID19 emergency, has made us stronger, more resilient and proactive in reacting to unforeseen situations.
All the industrial world has had to stop or at least slow down, with the hope of returning as soon as possible to the previous way of life, made up of work commitments but also of contacts between people.
This year we present new applications both in the cardboard sector, bot in the bakery one.
In the cardboard sector it is now available a new Semplified Paper Feeder, with a simples mechanics but with the usual effectiveness, to reach the market requests towards a high quality product but easily accessible.
Always in this sector, it has been presented a totally renewed Board Feeder.
We have also the pleasure to communicate that we have designed a new viscometer to join with the hot glue binders lines.
We can now propose a reliable, robust, precise product with a good quality price ratio, marked TECNO MEA.
The Outlet calender has undergone an important restyling: keeping the tested mechanical setting, now present a new structure in laser-shaped and cold-bent sheet metal, reinforced by a frame in load-bearing beams, new carters make it more aesthetically appealing.

In the bread sector we have increased the available variants of the ”EASY” Automatic bakery trolleys unloader with a version with a pushing unload system availlable in vary dimensions up to the 60x100 cms bakery trays.
This version in equipped with an innovative pushing structure made of aluminum profiles, light but at the same time very rigid.
Both for the ”EASY” Automatic bakery trolleys loader and both for the Unloader it is form now available even order the version for 80x80 cms bakery trays and tablets.
To complete the line we now have in range a steps moving transport catenary for trays translation to allow the filling of the trays during the passage among Trolleys Unloader and Loader.
The positioning is extremely precise thanks to our choice to use a servomotor for the movement.
In combination, for feeding the trays, we have designed and manufactured V-shaped belts which, by means of an oscillating movement, allow the bread to fall into the channels of the trays and then fill them as they pass under them. moved by the previously indicated catenary.


This year opens with the launch of a new machinery in the bakery sector: the Baking Loaders Manipulator.
It consists in a two controlled axes manipulator which facilitates works such as manipulations, load and unload or manual processing of bread or dough product, placed on baking loaders.
The trolley is placed in the loading area, and a motorized cradle-like mechanical structure, picks up a baking loader and positions it at the programmed operator's working height.
Once the operator has finished, he will furnish the consent to go on with the following frame, until the trolley is finished.

Another important update as concerned the Automatic Loader both the SMART TOP version and the SMART BASIC one.
Both the versions are now available in sizes 120 and 90 cm of width therefore amplifying the range. In addition new gears with quenched and rectified profile for the vertical movement and loader translation, have been adopted, guaranteeing long life, reliability and positioning precision.
But the more important modification has concerned with the reposition of some transmission and power organs, in such a way the belt works in plane so, making the breads transportation simpler.
Thus it has been necessary a significant redesign of the "heart" of the movement part of the loading bed, this occasion has allow us to improve the attached components.
A further configuration has been added: the load of the dough product from the baking loader. This solution, that is obviously applied to the lower width versions, consider an apposite station, where the trolley is deposited and, after the operator has furnished the consent, lifted at the loader gathering height thanks to a hydraulic system.
The laser scanner system has been introduced as option for the safety of the loader during movements, therefore suitable for those plants that temporarily need the passage thorugh the machinery work area and therefore it is not possible to use a fixed fence structure.


The 2018 starts with an important news in the dough sector.
The EASY Automatic trolleys loader and the EASY Automatic trolleys unloader has been updated and improved in almost the 50% of the components and with the introduction of unreleased versions:

    The version with trolley insertion side door in availlable.
    It is possible to have the door at the right or left side.
    This new version is helpful for those working places where the space is the problem.
    Loading the trolley laterally, the area in front of the back of the machine will be free to be used for other scopes or machines.
    This versions are added to the one with rear door already for sale.
  • The elongated version for 60x100 cm trays as been added.
    Doing a careful design of the spaces almost 200 mm have been saved in such a way the version for 60x100 cm trays, occupies a space in length just little higher of the standard version for 60x80 cm trays.
  • On the EASY Automatic trolleys unloader an automatic vertical adjustment system for the tray hooks has been introduced. It allows the working with more than one tray model, depending if it is necessary the hook of the tray from below or from above.
    With this new system, unique in its sector, the EASY Automatic trolley unloader flexibility increases considerably.
  • An optical anti-intrusion light curtain has been inserted with the double function of protecting the operator from accesses into not allowed areas and of checking the presence of extraneous bodies that may damage the machine.
  • New positioning systems (optional) have been realized. They allow the positioning of the tray ate the EASY correct working height when the upstream or downstream machine works at a different and not adjustable one. The in height positioning system exploits two slides pneumatically driven.
    It is possible to couple even a tray lifting, rotating and translation system onto an idle roller table to feed the automatic trolleys loader, in case of it is not possible to work in line with the upstream machine and it is necessary a 90 degrees rotation of part of the production line.
    This very system can be placed vice versa at the exit of the automatic trolleys uloader.


To be appreciated on the market does not allows you to become "static" so one of ours most successful machine, the robot trays loader PRATICO, has undergone an important restyling.
This update has involved:

  • Introduction of the version for 60x100 cm trays;
  • New trays hooking system that is stroger but at the same time more robut and reliable;
  • New balance counterweights modular system with sliding guide instead of steel rope, for a better stability and low oscillations;
  • New anti-intrusion barrier;
  • New touch screen panel with increased dimensions;
  • New optional remote assistance;
Finally all the project has been re-designed in order to standardize and get better the larger part of the components, simplifying the spare parts in advance for the customer.


The new year starts proposing important improvements and updates regarding all the three working sectors of our production portfolio .
The Put-into-the-oven Loader is now available in further sizes and it has been moreover refined as regards the working logic and the mechanics, with the addition of importants optionals such as the Vacuum System for the cleaning operation and the air-conditioner for the electric switchboard.
In addition for the bakery sector it is available the new "EASY Automatic Trolleys Unloader".
Modern and robust machine, it allows to unload trays from the trolley and then to lead them onto a conveyor belt. It ideal working is in series with the Easy Automatic Loader.
This last has a new refined control electronics and higher quality refinements.
New for the both the EASYs is the version with trays movement toothed belts instead of chains to better adapt with 18-shelves trolleys.

2016 marks the renovation of our production in the paper and cardboard sector too: now the production line, keeping the appreciated general setting, has been improved with high quality and modern components.
As new entry we propose the Glue Tank for hot glue systems.
It is equipped with an electronic viscosity meter for the autonomous and automatic viscosity control.
This tank is totally insulated, in such a way to eliminate the annoying and dangerous risk of burns. It can work with our Automatic Gluing Machine "RAFFAELLO" or autonomously.

"Our" champion Gabriele Musio (no. 140) has won the ACSI National Final Race for the second year consecutively, at the "Le sirene" kart-track at Viverone (BI). The supremacy of Gabriele in the SUPERTAG category goes on. It is an hard category where it is necessary to never fear the competitors and to believe in itself and in the own team to win the races.
It has been the willpower itself that makes Gabriele to win without give up even when everything seem to goes wrong.
We are sure you will keep being like this, good luck Gabriele!


Finally important news are now available on our product portfolio as regard the special and dough sectors.
In particular, the automatic put-into-the-oven loader it is son of more than ten years of experience and improvements, that has carried us to realize a product at the worldwide vertex as regards quality and robustness, without forgetting a high level of customization.
So that is why we feel particularly honoured to present our new products, that are listed below:

- Production isle with rotating table
- Pallets line for assemblies and/or machininng operations
- Automatic put-into-the-oven loader "SMART BASIC"
- Automatic put-into-the-oven loader "SMART TOP"
- "EASY" automatic trolleys loader
- Complete production line for Carasau Typical Sardinia bread

1994-2014 Twenty years have been passed. TECNO MEA has succeeded in overcoming the initial difficulties of insertion into its market sectors and by now it is a mature and solid reality, always ready to teak a challenge and to engage the new challenges imposed by the new technologies and by the global market.
Heartfelt thanks to anyone that has chosen us and to all commercial partners and suppliers that believe in TECNO MEA, allowing us to be always be at the cutting edge of technology.

TECNO MEA winnings in the MOTORSPORT too!
Our driver, Gabriele Musio (num. 140), wins the ACSI National Final Race, at the "San Martino del lago" (CR) racetrack.
It has been an engaging race, where Gabriele has been the protagonist, fighting until the end the last turn, where he launched the final attack so getting the ACSI National Champion title for the SUPER TAG category.
Heartfelt thanks from TECNO MEA staff and big wishes for the incoming agonistic season.




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