TECNO MEA S.R.L. was established in 1994 upon the strong professional background of its founders.

Started from a strong and deep knowledge of mechanical and electronic design and from a great experience in the building of vertical machinery, our activity now has been even more focused on the production of customized solutions.

The on-field experience, the accurate study of the production needs and the technique consolidated during more than twenty years of activity have led us to be one of the characters of paper and cardboard manufacturing machines and bakery machines sectors, without forgetting our origins of special machine builders.
Nowadays these three different sectors coexist inside our production portfolio and even if they constitute three different production lines, they influences themselves, looking to a continuous improvement.

We succeed in offering high quality machines since we totally manage the production process of our machinery, starting from the design passing through the carpentry and mechanical pieces manufacturing up to the switchboard, the on-board machine wiring and the program; always strong with our philosophy of searching the continuous improvement.
Always a techonology leader, TECNO MEA S.R.L. uses only high quality components and parts from the benchmarks manufactures, for components not realized from us.

Up to now, our company is amply konwn inside the sectors where it operates, even at European level.
Indeed machines have been installed in Spain, Scotland and Norway.

The customer support is for us a fundamental, infact we are at top level as regards customer satisfaction and rapidity.

TECNO MEA's products are sold both directly both through a network of sales representatives - contact us for further details.




Via Ghislandi 9, Località Bisone
24034 Cisano Bergamasco (BG)

P.IVA  02442610164

Tel +39 035 781 142 - Fax +39 035 781 677